Wholesale plastic pallet mould

Pallet mould is one of the main mould manufacturing series in China, including double-sided Wholesale plastic pallet mould, single-sided pallet mould, folding pallet mould and recyclable Plastic pallet mould for sale. In the tray mold design and processing has many years of experience and mature technology. Injection tray gradually replaces the traditional wooden tray because of its neat appearance, convenient cleaning and disinfection and long service life. Plastic pallets have high recycling value. Damaged pallets can be recycled and reused, which is very economical.

The batch production of injection tray adopts plastic tray mould. The tray mold is characterized by large forming area, large changes in wall thickness and pass, multi edge and multi mold parting surface. In the design of the cooling system of the plastic tray mold, the cooling effect and cooling uniformity, as well as the influence of the cooling system on the overall structure of the mold are considered. The tray mold uses circulating water to flow in all parts of the mold, which reduces the cooling time in the injection process, improves the production efficiency of the product and greatly reduces the production cost.

A tray die with valve controlled hot runner system was designed. The special filtration system design allows injection molding of recycled materials. The best injection and cooling system can meet the high-speed injection requirements of the mold. The pallet can meet the requirements of industrial pallet standards through drop test, load test and all chemical solutions.

Have a complete design team, be able to analyze the design process of plastic tray mold, analyze the mold flow of details according to the correct mold flow index, check the filling and the load-bearing part of tray box, so as to avoid the predictability risk in the design process. The whole pallet forming line has been customized for more than 200 customers. We have rich experience and advanced equipment to provide you with a full range of technical solutions. If you need to customize the plastic tray mold, please contact us. Jinnuo is a professional service provider of plastic tray molds in the international market.